4-berth units

Two 4-berth units

Two 4-berth units that can be arranged ‘back-to-back’ to form a row of 8 showers or in an L-shape.

Wet room style cubicle

Designed as a wet room style cubicle

A 10mm open-strip at the back of the cubicle allows the wastewater to drain away.

Consistent Pressure

Consistent and continuous

Consistent and continuous even pressure regardless of the number of showers running (just one, or all four at the same time).

Consistent Temperature

Set to 42℃

The temperature is set to a constant 42℃.

15 seconds

15 seconds

The shower will run for about 15 seconds per button press.

Two Drainage Outlets

Standard 2” outlet

Two drainage points at each end of the unit with a standard 2” outlet for easy connection to take the wastewater away.

Two Gas regulator points

Two Gas points

Space and regulator points on the outside for two 47kg gas bottles. These can be supplied if required, alternatively you can organise these with your preferred supplier.

Standard water inlet

Standard water inlet

Mains water connection below the service entrance.

Shower Dimensions.

Entire Mobile Unit.

Trailer Bar: 1.5m + Shower Units: 4.1m = 5.6m (W) x 2.1m (D) x 2.8m (H)


Shower Block Unit.

4.1m (W) x 2.1m (D) x 2.8m (H)


Shower Cubicle.

0.89m (W) x 2m (D)


Left Hand Shower Unit.

Measurements of left hand shower unit

Right Hand Shower Unit.

Measurements of right hand shower unit

Two Units Side by Side

Two units side by side

Two units in an L shape configuration

Two units in an L shape configuration

On site requirements to consider for siting the shower unit.

A firm and level area

A solid and level area is needed to site the trailer unit.

Good access for delivery.

We will need good access this includes gateways to and from the venue. Please note, the delivery vehicle is not a 4WD vehicle.

Water supply and grey water drainage.

It is important that there is a good supply of water to feed the shower and the waste is collected or fed into a suitable drain.

Access to a 13 amp Electricity supply.

This is required to power the lights, pumps and gas heating units.